DARK MOFO – Winter Feast

if you are DARK MOFOing, come and find us here

On the banks of the Derwent, our revelries shall begin: a three-night Bacchanalian banquet of feasting and fire, drinking and celebration, music and performance. Things will be a little different this year, as we set our communal tables amidst a wintry forest: wind your way through the candle-lit trees or ponder the spoils of the hunting party, as our top-notch chefs Philippe Leban and Vince Trim are joined by guests Jared Ingersoll (formerly of Danks St Depot), Alex Herbert (formerly of Bird Cow Fish), and Duncan Welgemoed (Bistro Dom), to whip up a veritable culinary storm.

Once again, we’ve gathered more than fifty food and drink stallholders for your delectation, specially sourced from the far reaches of our humble isle. Be sure to venture outside to the green as well, to peruse the nightly offerings from our street food vendors, before taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel of Death. The carousing and merriment reaches its zenith on Saturday night, as we mark the moment of the winter solstice (8.51pm) and look forward to the ever-brightening days ahead. Or rage on into the inferno at Dark Faux Mo.

4pm-10pm nightly.


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